Nastasya Samburski said goodbye to the youth at a Gothic party

Настасья Самбурская попрощалась с молодостью на готической вечеринке The actress gathered friends to a celebration in honor of the 30th anniversary. The event was held in one of the cultural institutions in the center of Moscow. Judging by the hashtag in the microblog actress, she was a little sad that she exchanged the third ten.

      On the eve of the star of the series “Univer” Nastasya Samburski turned 30. Apparently, she believes that the best years have already passed. In the blog she posted with the hashtag #proximately in which to write a message to herself a line from a famous song: “on this day I am warmed by your warmth, to this day, I’m in maturity take a ticket in this day and vodka do not harm me today, 30 years.”

      Samburski in the evening the friends gathered at a party in the Gothic style. The event was held in one of entertaining institutions of the city. Nastasia appeared at the festival in a chic black dress with an open top. Judging by the pictures and videos posted by her friends on Instagram, nobody had. Anna Khilkevich arrived on the day of Grozny, where in the afternoon she attended the screening of the local fashion houses. Fans of the actress were surprised at how she does it.

      Buzova, Bondarchuk and Rudkovskaya was in the Chechen tale

      Natalia Rudova, a close friend Nastasia, showed the main point of the party. On the video shared by the actress, can be seen as the waiters brought the cake for the birthday girl. The festive treat is made in the form of a coffin with a red inscription of mastic “farewell, youth”. Around the table are gathered friends and acquaintances nastasi, who was looking forward to when the celebrant touches the cake.

      “Roar all! Farewell, youth,” announced the host of the event behind the scenes.

      Nastasia decided to try the original creation of the pastry first, and could not restrain the enthusiastic whoops. The star of “Univer” broke off a piece of cake by hand, and then with an appetite ate part of the Goodies.

      Some netizens who watched the video, didn’t appreciate the act Samburski, saying that she behaved provocatively. However, others supported the artist. “One life! Need life take everything if you can!”, “Spiteful critics! Express your poison to yourself! Normal people do not care about these opinions, She has earned, deserved, has the right! It’s her life!” – wrote the fans of the actress.

      By the way, according to predictions of numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva in the coming year, Samburski will change. “The only thing that can prevent – laziness, which is constantly beset Nastassja. It is even possible that before his 31 birthday celebrity will become a mother. However, with the father of the child she is unlikely to save the relationship. A year of destiny for the stars will be 2023 minutes- she would meet a man with whom will be together for the rest of life. The actress will be flexible and patient, learn forgiveness, and the ability to remain silent,” said the expert “StarHit”.