Настасье Самбурской грозит разоблачение
Maxim Fadeev intends to “put in place” artist.

Nastasya Samburski

Photo: @samburskaya Instagram Nastasya Samburski

Maxim Fadeev is not going to leave insulting remarks Nastasya Samburski in his address without “punishment”. The producer demanded that the artist official apology. If it does not comply with his urgent request, she faces a very unpleasant exposure.

“Production center Maxim Fadeev speaks to Nastasya Samburski with a proposal to make a public apology for a public insult of Maxim Fadeev and other members of the team published yesterday, as well as for the lies and the failure of the shooting. An official apology we’re waiting for three days. And in their absence we will be forced to publish all the unpleasant details of our failed collaboration in the first person. Says Maxim Fadeev: “Everyone should be given a chance in the realization of your own mistakes.” — quotes the representative of the production center Maxim Fadeev Life.

The scandal between Fadeyev and Samburski broke out a few days ago. Actress and part-time aspiring singer, has accused Maxim of “petty revenge.” According to her, she because of poor health could not participate in the shooting together with the band SEREBRO, the “brainchild” of the producer. It is in response to her refusal, allegedly, began her revenge. In interviews, Fadeev started to have a negative speak to the creativity nastasi. He compared it to Olga Buzova and it is worth noting that the comparison was not in favor Samburski. This was the beginning of the feud actress with producer.

By the way, “settling” had to be noted and Olga. In the comments to the entry, she suggested Nastasia her vocal coach. “We’re not friends, so to break us up will be difficult. And, by the way, invite you to their course for singers. Even “messy” stop!” — wrote Buzova.