Настасья Самбурская жестко ответила на претензии Елены Летучей Some time ago celebsonline made several attacks against the new leading “Revizorro”. Elena Letuchaya questioned the competence of their successors, in particular, Nastasya Samburski. The actress could not pass up an interview with our colleagues.
Настасья Самбурская жестко ответила на претензии Елены Летучей

Elena Volatile recently gave an interview to YouTube channel, restaurateur and TV presenter Dmitry Levitsky. Celebrity spoke of the difficulties faced at work, and also spoke about their preemnik “Revizorro”.

Conversing with Levitsky, Bat stated that it does not is jealous of Olga Romanov and replaced it Nastasya Samburski. Elena believes that after she left, the ratings were lower. The decline of interest in the TV show star has linked with the work of Romanov and Samburski. Bat said that it has always faithfully performed his duties.

“What can I be jealous of others leading, and they all killed my show. Romanov I’m all for not leading think – my hair was moving from what happened there, but it did not last long. As for Samburski, she’s an actress and just playing. Now the ratings they have these anymore”, – said Elena in an interview.
Настасья Самбурская жестко ответила на претензии Елены Летучей

The current host of “Revizorro” Nastasya Samburski could not pass up the statements colleagues. The actress posted on Instagram, in which he responded to claims by the Helena Flying. Samburski criticized his colleagues and condemned her behavior. While Nastasia did not mention the specific name, but knew immediately he was talking about.

“One of my friend TV presenter was expelled from his seat because of the nasty nature. She’d tell everyone who produced the show, although in reality it was nothing like this. She was an ordinary presenter. The project was assembled by the team and invited her to the position of leading the team. But at some point, this woman is crazy and she decided that the whole show rests on her personal qualities, although again, it’s a team effort,” said the actress.

According to Samburski, colleagues do a lot in order to leading looked impressive, and the action scenes were exciting and interesting. “It all depends on how work as a team, not the TV presenter, who found the victorious rotten cabbage. How to set light, how to choose location, how to make up face leading with problem skin and add a few strands in the watery tail as beautiful lift operator, as an editor will write a beautiful eyeliner and slips to the series, leading to look in the frame the maximum smart as the time to cover the guard in the moment” – shared the star.

Nastasia explained the behavior of Elena’s professional irrelevance. “This leading was no use to anyone, going to a new show, which failed miserably and came up with a diagnosis, forbidding her to fly in “hot spots”, but allows you to go to fashion shows and in the land of the rising sun” – says the actress. According to Samburski, Flying deliberately decided to offend the new leading “Revizorro”, wanting to draw attention to his person.

“After she left the show has not failed, but continued to exist in the new format and more successfully than in his career old TV presenter. I would advise my friend of the presenter not to cut the branch on which you sit, because the world of television is quite narrow, new details will emerge increasingly,” added Nastasia.

Nastassja thinks that if Elena will continue to bend the line, you can remain without work. “The behavior of old TV presenter is justified only despair. Here the story ends,” concluded Samburski.