Настасья Самбурская сообщила о беременности The publication of the actress in which she talks about what is in an interesting position and is going to have a third child, caused heated discussions among her fans. They appreciated the humor Samburski and have wished so often to joke.

      Настасья Самбурская сообщила о беременности

      29-year-old actress Nastassja Samburski is famous for its ironic nature. The actress never misses an opportunity to joke at one point or another. Recently, Nastasia decided to once again play their fans. In social networks, the star published a photo which is clearly visible on her large belly. Samburski explained this pregnancy. The post celebrity also declassified some details about the kid. Allegedly, the child will have blue eyes. But the name of the father of the baby actress could not be called.

      “Ready to become a mother for the third time. Who is the father of the child, frankly, like the last two times — I have no idea. Woke up pregnant. Did an ultrasound, eyes of baby blue. If someone know how it was respond. It’s not photoshop. In our family no photoshop! Sorry that the photo in his underwear. Wanted without panties, but hesitate,” said Samburski in his microblog.

      Fans celebrities have praised its publication and advised the actress to joke and have fun. “Nastascia as always, “burning”, he smiled. Was in a bad mood, but not now,” “Over,” “Girlfriend, I have blue eyes, but it’s not me, I swear”, “Nastya, you’re amazing, laughed from the heart”, “Without brakes”, “Long ago I did not laugh, keep it up, Nastya”, “so Much humor in one post, master, “now, where was I last night,” wrote an enthusiastic subscribers Samburski in the comments to her pictures.

      Настасья Самбурская сообщила о беременности

      By the way, earlier in their interview Samburski stated that he was going to buy a house. According to Nastasia, square footage needed for the child star was able to freely feel. However pregnancy is not yet included in plans of the actress, at first she was going to take the child from the orphanage. Nastassja sure so will give him a chance at a normal life. Elect Samburski, musician Alexander Ivanov, he supports her, says celebrity, will bring up the adopted baby as my own.

      Nastasya Samburski: “I Can hit, but I have a rich vocabulary”

      That Nastasya Samburski and Alexander Ivanov meet, became known in February of this year. The young people met on the Internet. At first, many thought that an affair with a musician who took part in “Eurovision” — another joke or a PR stunt Samburski, but over time it became clear that the couple has a serious relationship.

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