Nastasya Samburski publicly sent Olga Buzova

Настасья Самбурская публично послала Ольгу Бузову The actress invited presenter to begin to master another social network. Nastasya came to transfer “Evening Urgant” along with a colleague in the play “Salem witches” Vladimir Agrichem and commented arisen Buzova conflict.
Настасья Самбурская публично послала Ольгу Бузову

Some time ago, in social networks there was a conflict between Olga Buzova and Nastasya Samburski. Girls that are very popular among users, “Instagram”, constantly competing with each other. Previously, the star of the series “Univer” unflattering spoke about vocal leading reality show “Dom-2”, which was nominated in the category “Breakthrough of the year”. Then Olga with humor said to a colleague across the stage, telling her to take a few lessons from the experts who raise the voice. Olga Buzova continued scandal Nastasya Samburski

When the number of subscribers Buzova in Instagram exceeded the number of followers Samburski, many began to wonder how it was accepted by the actress. Appearing in the program “Evening Urgant” along with a colleague in the play “Salem witches” Vladimir Agrichem, Nastasia explained how he experienced that moment.

“The three-day mourning period was still sometimes cry, Wake up in a cold sweat – how is it, Ol. It becomes closely in one “Instagram” get it,” said Samburski, proposing to make the star of “House-2” other social network – “Batgram”.

In addition, live entertainment shows Samburski and shared achievements. As reported by the actress, she engaged in a struggle, and even signed a contract with one sports brand. According to celebrity she’s always had a weakness for martial arts. “I broke the tin ring, about the person”, – said Nastasya on school days.

Samburski noted that she likes working with Epichem on the same stage as he is very attentive to the girl. At the end of the show, she recalled that everyone can see her in productions of “Malaya Bronnaya”.

Samburski fans watching the program with the actress, was impressed. “You’re very cool”, “Awesome! Clever, purposeful, beautiful. Importantly, a positive example to all the girls!”, “Cool air, well done! Very funny. Nastasia, the incredible eye!”, “Nastya, you’re just gorgeous girl! There are now very few” – such comments have been left on the page stars in the social network.