Nastasya Samburski out of “Uni” in April

Настасья Самбурская уходит из «Универа» уже в апреле

In February of this year began to appear the rumors that the star of “Univer” Nastasya Samburski leaves the series. For several days they discussed the news in the Internet space, and the fool was angry and indignant, from where these rumors were created.

Then the girl said that she is still a member of the “Universal” family and going anywhere, you know, nobody from the show is not throws.

His words confirmed Samburski short videos and photos from the set, which she published in his microblog.

Smoke without fire and, unconfirmed rumors then, today, be truthful.

As it became known, in April for a shot over her “Universa” life, because it goes out of the project.

According to rumors, Nastasia left the project voluntarily and on the initiative of producers. Rumor has it that on set, everyone was tired from the tough girl character and constant conflict with colleagues.

Together with Samburski from “Uni” out Anna’s Cousin, who plays coy-an activist of Jan Semakina. But in her case, everything happens on its own initiative, the actress – in the near future she plans to focus on the perspective of motherhood.

Waiting for comments from the girls.


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