Настасья Самбурская обиделась на Елену Летучую The actress explained his attacks on the ex-leading “Revizorro”. Previously, Nastasya Samburski, could not stay indifferent to criticism from Helena Flying, who said that the successor to “kill” the popular show, and answered her in social networks.
Настасья Самбурская обиделась на Елену Летучую

Recently Nastasya Samburski commented on the recent interview of Helen Bat in which celebsonline spoke disapprovingly about the activities of their successors in the “Revizorro”. The actress condemned the act of the colleagues, deeming it in the highest degree incorrect. Publication Nastasia Instagram made a lot of noise. Some found that the girl allowed herself to cross a line commenting on the behavior of Helena.

After reviewing the comments of Internet users, Samburski hastened to clarify the situation. The new host of “Revizorro” explained why he thought it necessary to answer the claim of Fly. While Nastasia again, not mentioned by name Helena, but immediately realized he was talking about.

“A terrible story with a friend of the presenter. The fact that I was hurt that the woman who worked in the project, began to throw mud at the place that made her human, while still unpleasant spoke out about their best – shared the actress. Only a coward will be silent and will not stand for it, which he despises, only a coward will not begin to defend his name. Misconduct first began to show not me, although all used to seeing me”.

Nastasia said that never thinks about how others would react to her words and actions. “Dance to the tune of the crowd is not my calling. I rely only on the opinion of people who are able to think properly, to feel and understand people’s thoughts which are in tune with mine”, – said the artist. Samburski noted that one tends to find other people who share her beliefs.

“Yes, I have a bad temper and I find it difficult to remain silent, but only in those moments when I see the total stupidity, bezdarschinu and aggression in my direction. My reaction understandable to people who are able to think freely, regardless of the pressure of the crowd. The majority is not the truth. No need to be like everyone else,” said star.

Moreover, according to nastasi, in the modern world it is difficult to find someone who is not lying. “Any expression of honesty “public opinion” falls with such force that the person is being considered strange,” – said the actress.

Earlier Nastasya Samburski in enough rigid form has declared that his success program “Revizorro” must not only Elena Fly. According to the actress, each project has a team of professionals who carefully monitor every detail. Nastasia also denied the information about the decline of interest in transfer after leaving Helena. Nastasya Samburski responded harshly to the claims of Helena Fly