Nastasya Samburski loves the elect for the depravity

Настасья Самбурская любит избранника за порочность A few weeks ago, the actress appeared for the first time with her new boyfriend musician Alexander Ivanov. The star candidly spoke about the relationship with the singer. She told reporters that fell in love with Sasha.

      Настасья Самбурская любит избранника за порочность

      Star of TV series “Univer” is one of the most popular celebrities in the Network. Official page in Instagram Nastasya Samburski has 5.1 million subscribers. A second account of the actress, dedicated to training and proper nutrition, also won the attention of fewer people.

      However, most of the rumors revolve around his personal life sports brunette. Recently the star first appeared in the society with a new boyfriend. Alexander Ivanov, participant of “Eurovision 2016” from Belarus. The pair met on the Internet. According to the actress, she saw the statement of a young man on the show “Main stage”, interested in, and then added him to friends on social networks. After a while they fell novel.

      Samburski told reporters that this is the first peaceful relationships in her life. She thinks that she knows Sasha is much longer than it actually is.

      “I like being with him. Sasha is gorgeous, magical, talented, he has a great voice. There is something naughty and at the same time sublime. It’s a combination I really like. We have a really harmonious relationship,” shared the star.

      Настасья Самбурская любит избранника за порочность

      In addition, sign Nastasia and Sasha too perfect for each other. The girl on the sign of the Zodiac – Pisces and he is Scorpio. The actress said that the young man sometimes manages to understand her without words. It pojavleniem Samburski beginning to behave much more calmly and less dramatically to respond to criticism and unwanted advice from people.

      “In our pair there is no question: “why do you love me?”. We chose each other consciously. And you know, everything is so naturally, and there is nothing to say”, said the star of TV.

      In his free time, young people are trying to go to the gym or to cook. Photos from trainings or parties a couple of posts on the social network, collecting a huge number of “likes”. Fans Samburski divided into two categories: some believe that Nastasya and Alex are perfect for each other, others say that the actress needs a different type of men. By the way, numerologist Arzu Tarabukina of the opinion that after the contest “Eurovision” he turned the head of glory, which will not sustain their relationship with Samburski. A movie star doesn’t believe in such predictions.

      “To Sasha I have been “sick” novels — wrong, with constant emotional swings that undue victim… And now all humanly, calmly,” – said the actress in an interview

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