Nastasya Samburski looking for the perfect lover

Настасья Самбурская ищет идеального возлюбленного
The actress did a DNA test to find the man of your dreams.

Nastasya Samburski

Photo: Press service

Nastasya Samburski agreed to undergo a DNA test to
find out who is her perfect man. To find a potential suitor Nastasia
helped host of the show “the Money or the shame of” channel ТНТ4 Uncle Victor. “I think I
in love!” — admitted the actress during the filming of the TV program. The name of the future
the beloved stars of the representatives of the channel are kept secret.

Interestingly, the shooting of the show took place at the beginning of summer, and
days Samburski has published a “wedding” photo.
The actress was photographed at the exit of the Registrar, showing the fans ring
“cherished” the finger. “I sailed my ship of love upon the waves of family life!” —
she said.

Then in the address nastasi after the publication
“showered with” congratulations from her colleagues and fans. The name of her fiance celebrity
not declassified, but many of the writing suggested that it was Cyril
Duzevic. Fans have long suspected that the actress affair with the Belarusian 24-year-old

However, subscribers microblog actress need
refer to “revelations” Samburski, who loves all to play with
a great deal of caution. As it turned out, the registry office, against which
photographed Nastassja, no longer works. Apparently, the photo was
made on the set of a new project, which involved