Настасья Самбурская оправдалась за отдых с мужем Бородиной The actress is outraged that her suspect in connection with Kurban Omarov. Nastasya Samburski has published in the microblog photo with her boyfriend Alexander Ivanov and made him an intriguing signing.

      It seems that the rest Nastasya Samburski from the warm coast of Spain ended. The star of “Univer” published in Instagram photo allegedly from rainy Moscow, where she met her boyfriend, Alexander Ivanov. Roman actress and participant of “Eurovision” started just before a musical competition, which was held in Stockholm in may. After the show, the couple occasionally appeared together in public places, and then the lovers stopped to publish a joint photo. This caused fans of Nastasia suspicion in the cooling of relations between actors.

      However, apparently, Ivanov and Samburski continue to communicate. In a new photo of the actress from her boyfriend quite happy. But Nastasya, as it turned out, not happy with the fact that her Spanish holiday with wife Ksenia Borodina Kurban Omarov has caused the big public resonance.

      Husband Ksenia Borodina rest in Spain with Nastassja Samburski

      “Because of the basin laid in bed with a stranger,” protested Samburski.

      Because of the basin laid in bed with a stranger #installatie #людипрекратитесмотретьДОМ2

      Photos published NASTASYA Samburski (@samburskaya) Jul 19 2016 1:06 PDT

      Many followers of the star did not even understand what was going on. The most knowledgeable and helpful members explained that the basin at the same time appears in the photos of Nastasia and Kurban, which again points to the joint recreation actress and wife Borodina. Recall that this Samburski posted a picture, which you can see the sunglasses and the phone Omarova.

      By the way, users noticed that the words Samburski sounds like an excuse, but they still are unable to refrain from criticism in its address.

      “Basin, the bed, the wrong guys… it’s All nonsense. Sash, Hello, “Meaning that no matter what is really going on in their personal life… Let them understand. But what Samburski these pictures puts, it is just immoral and disgusting”, “As cheap PR on someone else’s failed marriage, Nastassja… of Course, that I will unsubscribe from you, you will not be disappointed but after your quite strange behaviour unsubscribe thousands of people, and you do the PR necessary”, “Especially since I posted this photo where you can see the phone Omarova. Like that say about her”, – commented on the words of Nastasia subscribers.

      Ksenia Borodina is divorcing her husband because of infidelity

      We will remind, on the eve of the leading “House-2” published in Instagram a detailed story about how was her life in recent months. It turns out that the presenter is divorcing her husband. The reason was his loose way of life.

      “It’s just the father of the baby, so I try worthy (if it is dirty situation) to sign the papers, wrote Borodin. – There are many reasons, I thought, he can be a loving husband and a caring father (as he presents himself to the public). But this night December 12, I remember all my life, my husband came home at 7 am with another home party, and I had 10 days to delivery! All that is written about infidelity, it’s true, and I found out about it. Even know the apartment of our common friend Gregory of Join), which “covers” its hard hanging out with cheating. So Ulam, Tanya, Oksana, and everyone else I wish you health”.

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