Настасья Самбурская недовольна своим телом The actress wants to pump up the shoulders. Nastasya Samburski known for his love of relief to the muscle, and therefore doing everything to stay in great shape. However, fans have not noticed any flaws in the figure of the star of the series “Univer”.

      Star of TV series “Univer” Nastasya Samburski has long been known for his love of sports. The girl regularly goes to the gym to stay toned and sets an example of healthy lifestyle to his fans. Apparently, the actress likes the relief muscles. Today, however, Nastasia found that is not in the best shape. She’s determined not to feel sorry for itself, and with even greater zeal to do at the gym. About the problem Samburski hastened to tell his fans.

      “Blown away Batman, gone the shoulders. I don’t like today will start to re-download. And the Onesie is illegal to wear when you bag of bones,” wrote the star of the show “Univer”.

      However, not all fans think beefy female body beautiful. They admired the fact that now Nastasia is in fine form and expressed the opinion that to bother training a celebrity is completely useless.

      “Without arms pumped body looks beautiful and feminine”, “Why do you want to download strong shoulders, you’re a girl and you so beautiful,” “Anastasia, you have a beautiful figure, be feminine, don’t need shoulders to swing, why,’ tried to dissuade the actress devoted fans of her work.

      Nastasya Samburski mind the comparison with a man

      Nastasia with humor refers to the fact that some of the six and a half million subscribers to her social network account criticized her appearance. She derisively responds to the poisonous comments of detractors. “When you’re with muscles, it somehow calmer, than when without them. And sometimes so lazy to go to the gym and eat properly too, sometimes too lazy, but you have to overcome yourself every day, the only way to achieve results and cultivate the will, and then it will become a habit and without this won’t be the same, the main thing – to begin” – said Samburski in defense of his love for pumped-up body.

      However, some point out that regular exercise in the gym it does not prevent Nastasya to be feminine. Not long ago, the actress was vacationing in Ibiza, where he was photographed in a revealing swimsuit. Subscribers were delighted from the half-naked body of a celebrity and even began to dream about that Samburski appeared Topless.

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