Nastasya Samburski insulted Maxim Fadeev

Настасья Самбурская оскорбила Максима Фадеева
The producer said the actress on the controversial attack.

Настасья Самбурская оскорбила Максима Фадеева

Nastasya Samburski

Photo: @samburskaya Instagram Nastasya Samburski

Maxim Fadeev

Photo: @Instagram fadeevmaxim Maxim Fadeev

Nastasya Samburski known for his short temper. The artist belongs to the people who for “the words do not climb”. Today, the actress and aspiring singer was in the center of the scandal connected with Maxim Fadeeva. Samburski in her characteristic abrupt manner spoke to the producer. The reason for this was the offense due to compare her singing talent with the abilities of Olga Buzova.

“Oh, spread his demagoguery, His sings better, Samburski sings better! Buzova in the Eurovision song contest, Samburski! Yes we both singing sucks, though I live because the only way you get the pleasure of being on stage is so messy. And then there was Maxim Fadeev, Olga, let’s crack up, just because I refused the clip from Seryabkina removed, the condition. There is need of heavy workouts, a day, and I was still banned from exercise and I explained it. Petty revenge on your part, max!” — posted by Nastasia.

Fadeev did not remain silent and responded to the attack Samburski. “I am sympathetic to the desire Anastasia Samburski himself PR next to my name. But, since it is such a great Christian day, I forgive her, and I want to say only one thing. She mentioned that I was her revenge. So, revenge can only be equal and in the same position. Certainly not her!” — said Fadeev.

Interestingly, Nastassja in his statement also mentioned that if her candidacy put forward with Olga in one nomination — “Breakthrough of the year”, it intends to withdraw from participation in favor of Buzova. “And me the “Boil of the year” because a lot of people in the show Bizet, with his obstinate nature no worse chiriya on the ass. I owe you nothing, as you told me. Let’s just work. Can anyone not be friends. The main thing with anybody not to quarrel!” — said Nastasia.