Настасья Самбурская вызвала восхищение фанатов The star of “Univer” published sentimental video. In the video, Nastassja Samburski takes one of the popular tragic songs. Fans of the actress literally shocked by her voice and manner of singing.

      Nastasya Samburski has demonstrated a new facet of his talent. The star of “Univer” has published in his microblog a video in which she sings one of the popular songs about soldier. Tragic lines tell about the dead soldiers, so the artist perform the song with tears in his eyes.

      In the caption to the video Nastasia admitted that it was the song of her childhood. In addition, she expressed regret that at the time never mastered the guitar. The reason for this was laziness of the future stars. Because now she could not only sing, but also to accompany himself on a musical instrument.

      “When you were 13, the boy with the guitar evokes awe. And when he knows a few chords and more or less sings, in your eyes he is God. The boys that sang, and the girls were crying. It’s kind of like the song of my childhood turns out. Well, a couple of thieves and sad from the Petliura left there. I am very sorry that the guitar itself is never mastered. This is all from laziness”, signed video Samburski.

      Video posted by NASTASYA Samburski (@samburskaya) Jul 21 2016 1:10 PDT

      Video Samburski literally blew it “Instagram”. Hundreds of followers were quick to admire the voice data and the manner of performance of the artist. “Always crying to this song. Voice – high”, “nice voice, Bravo!”, “Tears! I remember these songs around the campfire in the yard”, “Goosebumps… Sad song, a beautiful voice, Straight for the soul hurt”, “the Actress from God, Nastasia! His eyes began to tear,” “Beautiful and clever, as much goose go, “a voice, clearly, you need to sing”, “the Talented person is talented in everything”, “Awesome”, wrote the followers of the star.

      Interestingly, in recent time subscribers only criticized Samburski. After it became known about joint holiday nastasi and wife Ksenia Borodina Omar Kurbanova, “Instagram” actress was filled with angry reviews. Members expressed their dissatisfaction and even accused Nastasia that she stole another woman’s man.

      Husband Ksenia Borodina rest in Spain with Nastassja Samburski

      The star of “Uni” had to defend. She even posted a photo with her boyfriend Alexander Ivanov to show that her heart is occupied. However, the did not stop users, who continued to send Samburski comments, full of criticism and hatred.

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