Nastasya Samburski has revealed dirty details of the scandal with Maxim Fadeev

Настасья Самбурская раскрыла грязные подробности скандала с Максимом Фадеевым
The singer told the truth about what happened between her and the producer.

Nastasya Samburski

Photo: @samburskaya Instagram Nastasya Samburski

Think Nastasya Samburski put an end to the scandal with Maxim Fadeev. The actress published a bold revelation that, from her point of view, in fact, was the cause of sudden onset of “showdown”. According to ward Victor Drobysh, the producer center Fadeeva from the first meeting, tried to “lure” it. Failure nastasi away from his producer, allegedly, provoked a scandal.

“Apparently, M. A. Fadeev impossible to deny. And I already did re: first time at the first meeting with Irma — she openly enticed me in PTS Fadeeva. Did it neatly, telling how Maxim impressed me and sees in me a kindred spirit. Asked why Drobysh went, not to him. Although Fadeev with Drobysh kind of like friends…” — said Nastasia.

After that, the singer was invited to participate in the filming of the music video of SEREBRO, but Samburski has not appeared on the court due to poor health. According to Nastasia, she began to have serious sleep issues and she was diagnosed with nervous exhaustion. Then began a public showdown beginning star.

“And the person under the name of Irma, wrote to the assistant Drobysh to me — I quote “Shut your mouth” and that I hadn’t spoke in the direction of the HRC Fadeeva and “I’m a junkie”. I responded to a public statement by M. Fadeev in my direction in comparison with Buzova. After that, I declared “fadeevskaya dog” — Irma. With direct insults in my address and a Declaration of war. I defended myself and replied M. Fadeev…” — posted by Nastasia.

By the way, apologies Samburski is still offered. But did it in a manner peculiar to her. “Sorry,what were counting on me, and I’m not calculated their strength. I went to your PTS as migratory rat.That are unable for health reasons to help you their resources in publicising your project. Now I know who to go to bow for the “blessing” kiss in the ring, so as not to fall out of favor. Oh, you mastodon manipulation. You want to look better than it really is. Come out from behind the screen. Forgive all. That’s all. More from me you will hear nothing. For honor, for the dignity of yourself!” — she added.