Nastasya Samburski has experienced a serious shock

Настасья Самбурская пережила серьезное потрясение The actress debuted with the song in the Northern capital. She had long rehearsed this speech carefully prepared for him, because she never had the chance to perform on the big stage previously. Their emotions the star of “Univer” shared page on the social network.

      Nastasya Samburski known to its fans for many roles in movies. However, for most Network users was a surprise when she opublikovala video from the gig in St. Petersburg. The girl took part in the concert, which was organized on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of producer Victor Drobysh. The song “Bad boys”, performed by Nastasia, caused heated discussion and found a positive response in the hearts of followers.

      For a long time Samburski periodically sharing photos and videos, which somehow hinted that she is preparing to appear before the public with a solo performance. Victor Drobysh has devoted much time to Nastassja, after all, the onstage star of the youth series as a singer was to be his own achievement. Apparently, the artist was satisfied with his performance, and the audience supported her.

      Nastassja thanked him for this opportunity and wrote that after the appearance at the ice Palace in St. Petersburg she will present their works in Moscow. Shortly before the show Samburski posted a video in which he did not hide what she felt at that moment. For her, this moment was very exciting and important. She was afraid that the audience do not perceive it or speech will not as she would like. Perhaps her worries were in vain, because the members noted that the song actress prosila a strong impression on them and they hope that the Russian star’s Instagram will not stop there.

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      “I love that song. Chorus all can listen,listen and listen! Very cool performance!”, “A talented person is talented in everything! Great! Don’t stop!”, “Wow, can imagine how worried and nervous, but it was worth it. It is very difficult to overcome your fear, but You did it! Umnichka!”, “It’s a great song, listened goose bumps!”, – posted by getting followers in Instagram.

      Some fans of the actress said that they have long hoped to see the time on the big stage, because when she posted a humorous video where she had to sing, subscribers already managed to estimate vocal actress. Some of the users of the Network felt that it was only the little than could surprise star. It seems that in the near future she will be able to submit a new composition.