Nastasya Samburski has become the new “Revizorro”

Настасья Самбурская стала новым «Ревизорро»
General Director of “Friday” and told him what was guided, selecting the role of host of a popular project this actress.

Nastasya Samburski on the set of “Revizorro”

Happy events in the life of Nastasya Samburski
follow one by one. After the actress announced that she got married,
she shared with fans another good news. The Star Of “Univer”
became the new host of the popular show “Revizorro”. “Yes, I confirm that I
do the new “Revizorro”, — said Nastasya. — Learn more about
this will tell you the General Director of TV channel on Friday Nikolay Kartozia”.

The channel Creator told us why she decided
to resume the project and what influenced him to opt for Samburski. “Nastasia is already in
“Friday” in the “General housekeeping,” — says Kartozia. I had
time to get to know her, look her up. And you know what — in it I saw that
the quality that is so necessary to our project “Revizorro”: intolerance
to any manifestations of injustice and a desire to restore the human
right. We talked a lot with Nastasia and I, I think, now you know the soul
this man. I’m sure it will be a great “Revizorro”. Honest and
fundamental. Now
about Lena the Fly. I love Lena. And I want to reiterate her words
of gratitude and love. Auditors are not born. But it is a few years
ago I chose this role. Then she was not Queen Sanitary, blond
beast of cleanliness and order. The casting was great, but in it I saw
authentic feel — it is extremely sensitive to any manifestation
injustice. But it is, and not gender, age, leg length or hair color is
defining quality in order to you have chosen to lead this program. And flair
then I was not deceived. Lena and invented by our colleagues in the format of “Revizorro”
so cool match, so complement each other that now we can safely say
about the whole “Bat era” in the life of the project. A year ago, Lena took
the decision to retire at the end of “Revizorro”. And publicly reported
the audience Friday. Since the whole year we were in search of new host. We even held a competition “the School revizorro”, but none of her
graduates you don’t like. You voted against pupils of the “School”.
Lena Volatile now leads a new program. She chose home, according to
the number “1” in the title, the TV channel of the country. And we, her friends and colleagues, for her
awfully glad, because we believe that that is where her rightful place.”