Nastasya Samburski had a fight with the influential producer

Настасья Самбурская подралась с влиятельным продюсером Fist of the controversial actress is not evaded Victor Drobysh. Nastasya Samburski sent to figure of show-business their aggression in front of Stas Mikhailov. The playful fight ended in mutual laughter.

      Nastasya Samburski leads an active lifestyle and do fitness. Unspent in the gym energy star “Uni” usually directs in a positive manner – she takes part in photo shoots and give interviews. However, before a meeting with reporters under the hot hand of Nastasia caught Victor Drobysh.

      For some unknown reason, Samburski attacked the famous producer directly in a public place. The fight took place in front of Stas Mikhailov, who hastily retreated. It should be noted that Victor took the shot and dealt with the obstinate girl. The video hit the social network and was published on the page of the actress.

      “Have another fight. Stas Mikhailov was standing next to, not even interceded”, signed movie Nastassja.

      Of course, shocking fans of the actress immediately realized that this is another hoax. The video ends with both participants fight not hide laughter. In fact, Nastassja Samburski and Victor Drobysh back a long way. Figure of show-business has become a producer of Alexander Ivanov, who was a participant of “Eurovision” from Belarus last year. As you know, Samburski’s Dating the singer for several months.

      Recall, many fans early in the relationship of the stars has accused the actress, like her affair with the participant of “Eurovision” from Belarus – thought-out PR campaign. Network users seemed very suspicious the fact that Alexander Ivanov and Nastasya Samburski started Dating shortly before the international music competition. The actress and singer were published in a joint photo and was talking about future offspring, but even this did not dispel doubts of the public.

      Then, tired of idle speculation, the pair have published a playful revelatory video. In the video the operator is like spying on what is happening in the room where you sit Samburski Ivanova and producer Victor Drobysh.

      “A scandalous history of show business, – said the actress. This video clearly shows how the 49-year-old Victor Drobysh reports 29-year-old Nastassja Samburski the fees for PR artist from Belarus, 21-year-old Alexander Ivanov, known under the pseudonym Ivan. Nothing to add. Cases of egregious. Prepared a petition for the expulsion of the artist from the country music leanings to ethnic music, on the territory of Ukraine”.