Настасью Самбурскую вызвали на работу
Summer vacation the actress came to an end.

Nastasya Samburski

Photo: @samburskaya (Instagram Nastasya Samburski)

For the employees of the Moscow Theater on Malaya Bronnaya,
for Nastasya Samburski, summer has ended. All summoned from vacation
on the traditional company gathering, which was held yesterday afternoon. The evening new,
71st season opened with a performance of “the Pit”. Samburski, however, was lucky. It will be released
on stage native theater on Saturday, in the play “Formalin”. So
the actress spent the rest of the evening in the cinema.

Samburski remains one of the main newsmakers already
for a long time. After the actress became popular after
sitcom “Univer. The new Dorm, her name often appears in the gossip columns —
and, more to the scandal.

29-year-old star admits that lonely and therefore
always actively searching, not hiding their sexuality. Personal blog
Samburski is one of the most outspoken and provocative in the environment of celebrities. But this openness sometimes fraught One…
of Dating on the Internet was nearly fatal for nastasi, when it became known,
that her new lover was underage. But the star managed to hush up this scandal.

Another novel Samburski — with the musician Alexander
Ivanov — surprisingly coincided with the preparation for the participation of this artist in the Eurovision song contest
where he appeared under the pseudonym IVAN for Belarus. By the way, young man
has repeatedly been seen in the theater on Malaya Bronnaya in the days of the performances
Nastasi. But after IVAN did not pass beyond the semi-final of song
competition, Samburski interest to him was gone and the young people broke up.

Since then the star reappeared in the search. “All I want
love… I’m in the gym, swing their femininity” — commented one
of his last, as always half-naked pictures actress. In this case, the time should be happy
attack of the theater season, and her performances come hundreds
her fans, any of which may be exactly what will finally give
your love for her.

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