Настасья Самбурская распрощалась с длинными волосами

The actress decided on a radical change of image.

Nastasya Samburski – the girl is not timid. She is not afraid to speak on any subject, often contrary to public opinion, ready to experiment with your body, can easily change the style of dress, but turned out to part with long hair she was the most difficult.

The actress even made the video during the shearing process. After the Barber cuts the first lock of her hair, ” she screamed whether from fear, or surprise…

“Gentlemen, this is no joke,” says the actress in the chair.

Later Samburski the video removed, and left only a photo of the final result: now she’s a master with one long strand painted red. Very nice come. Here are just a few days, it seems that this opinion is not shared. In the photo she is not the most joyful person.

“Happy face – she’s talking about his Barber. — I’m in shock…”

What say you: is the actress a new haircut or not?

  • Yes! Very! I want the same!
  • Very refreshing. Change all the girls to face
  • Nastia goes, but I would have such a haircut did not dare
  • Go…
  • I don’t like. Wonder it messes up your hair
  • Other (write in comments)

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