Настасья Самбурская впервые заговорила о матери, живущей в нищете Star of TV series “Univer” took part in the filming of the new season of the show “Battle of psychics.” Clairvoyants tried to reveal the identity Samburski and tell the details of her life. Some of them succeeded. So, they talked about the brother of the actress, which she never told me about her difficult childhood and difficult relationship with her mother.

      Настасья Самбурская впервые заговорила о матери, живущей в нищете

      Saturday, 3 September on channel TNT held a screening of the first series of the new season of “Battle of psychics.” The guest of the program was the 29-year-old actress Nastassja Samburski. Psychics guessed with my eyes closed, what kind of person decided to visit the show, and also shared details from her life.

      New “Battle of the psychics: the millionaire, the risen prophet and adviser to Yeltsin

      “Everything I see about the Network, it does not correspond to what actually is. Psychic things are beyond my comprehension, so I’m fucked up before the shooting. But it’s a good jitters” — shared Samburski in the broadcast transmission.

      The youngest participant of the show, 19-year-old Denis Vysotsky, told of a brother artist. The young man managed to make a fairly accurate portrait of the relative star, of which she never spoke to the press.”I see one man who loves her truly. Dark-haired, dark eyes, receding hairline. He has his own house. He sits there, playing with a cat and reads books… That’s her brother,” — said Vysotsky.

      Samburski admitted that her brother does, and he prefers to spend her time reading. Before Nastasia never told a journalist about his relative, preferring to call his brother Director Peter Ploskova. “All he knows is how to read. If he once in five years did not call me for money, then maybe I would have more respect. He lives in my house, but in another city. About the cats I don’t know,” he shared with the viewers the star of “Univer”.

      Gypsy Violetta Polyakov asked Nastasia to close my eyes. According to a clairvoyant, the actress is very amorous and prefers not to engage in a long-term relationship. Samburski is willingly accepted and said that her novels last year. In addition, Polyakova told about the wound in the heart of the actress. Nastasia agreed with this statement. More Violetta decided not to say anything. Samburski asked the promoters to talk with the psychic alone, and returned after the tête-à-tête with Volkova slightly shaken. “It’s clearly everything clearly, already scared,” shared Samburski.

      “For all the beauty of this body, it has male energy. Right leg is damaged… the child who she needs to be born, not yet born. The main purpose of women is motherhood,” said one of the psychics. He also noted that Nastasia grew up without a dad. Samburski confirmed this fact, although not agreed with the main task of the weaker sex. “Father planted when I was five years old,” said the actress.

      Shocked actress clairvoyant Nadezhda Shevchenko. She remembered the house of the actress, where she grew up and which she loved, and childhood star. Samburski prefers not to talk about this period in an interview, because Nastasia had it expunged from his past. “A feeling of hopelessness, fear,” — said Shevchenko. Even after removing the mask, Hope did not stop. “Your mother lives in poverty,” said the psychic. “She saw the real me… Hope impressed me with his vision,” said the star of “Univer”, refusing to go into details.

      The program also showed part of a personal conversation Samburski with Shevchenko. In it, the actress shared that he bought his mother’s house, and not feel your guilt in that she enjoys alcohol. Nastasia admitted in the program that Shevchenko was the only psychic who managed to reach her and warn. After transferring Samburski promised to solve important to her question.