Настасья Самбурская пожаловалась на безденежье коллег The actress appealed to the President of Russia with the specific requirements. According to Nastasya Samburski, it is impossible to live a normal life for the tools that get her colleagues in the theater. She is lucky she is still involved in other projects that bring in a decent income.

Nastasya Samburski is considered one of the most popular contemporary Actresses. She plays in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, in films, and more recently he hosts the program “Revizorro” on the channel “Friday!”. Recently released film starring Nastasia “Vacation President”. With her the film starred similar to Vladimir Putin, the actor Dmitry Grachev, Anna Tsukanova-cat and many others.

At the premiere Samburski appeared in a stylish pink suit expensive brand, but looked very tired. When communicating with journalists Nastasia stated that due to a busy schedule she has to many things not enough time. The actress can’t even train regularly in the gym. However, in order to make money, Nastasya accepts all the offers.

“If I offer to play a weak woman, I just refuse. I’m uncomfortable! Want to only play strong women because I don’t want to play the role of the resistance!” noted Samburski.

By the way, the actress admits that many of her colleagues earn much less. It hurt, so she decided to go to the authorities with a request to raise salaries.

“I would ask the President to actors in the theater would raise the salary. To live on the money that you pay now is very difficult. I, along with the theatrical salaries, still leading the program “revizorro”, I have other projects. So I have enough to live. And my colleagues have to tighten our belts!” – said Nastasia.

Samburski she grew up in poverty, so now she wants in what does not deny. She has admitted that she loves to buy expensive things. “I love that I work that have the ability to choose: you can spend crazy money and don’t prefer to spend. But the main thing – I do it myself. Nobody is forced to leave husbands and go rotten. But I think that before you get married, you need to get some education. Because very often it happens that a husband suddenly starts to show character and a woman can’t go anywhere because she can not do anything,” – said the star.

Nastasia does not communicate with relatives for several years. According to her, they are turning to it only when they need the money. In addition, in the memory of the actress too fresh negative events that occurred in her childhood.

“Trying to forgive when I grew up. Failed. Long to explain why,” admitted Samburski in one of the entries on Instagram.

Family life nastasi also did not work. She kicked the young wife of Cyril Gicevich. As a joke, the artist in dialogue with the correspondent of “Companion”, she wanted her betrothed tycoon.