Nastasya Samburski called the name of the man she loves for 10 years

Настасья Самбурская назвала имя мужчины, которого любит уже 10 лет

The name Nastasya Samburski not always in a positive context becomes part of the gossip columns. One of the latest scandals associated with the star of “Univer” was its relationship with an underage boy, about which the learned media. It was on a news portal, which first wrote about the novel Samburski with a youngster, she filed a court, but the case was lost. Now Nastasia is still possible need to pay compensation to the family of the guy who got her into this, as mentioned in the statement “costs lawyers”.

But now we are talking about something else.

On his page on the social network Instagram, the actress posted a post in which he confessed his love to one of the famous and very talented man.

She described him as a gifted and charismatic person.

The love for this artist Nastasia experiences for over 10 years. A recent a meeting with him stirred up old feelings: “This is Garou. Yesterday I was at his concert. His voice is a gift. At some point just starts listening euphoria. What is happening on our stage – singers in feathers, with rhinestones, Loupian pop double track is a mockery. He is a man, in a jacket, jeans and shoes. Nothing more. Charismatic, handsome, smiling. Not engaged in self-admiration. His party from the musical “Notre Dame de Paris” and Gitan will be remembered for years to come. Because it is individuality, uniqueness. No one is indispensable. There are unique”.

Followers of the actress fully supported her in her statement, noting that his voice is something fascinating and unique “”I Agree! His voice is beautiful! I always have goosebumps running through my body when I hear his songs”, “Love it! Few connoisseurs of his work – for me personally it was a coup when listening to his songs.” “Oh, Garu! Handsome! What a voice! What an artist! What a man! But what an indescribable atmosphere creates at the concert! Our pop music is, for the most part, compared to him as 2107 and the Lamborghini Veneno is infinitely far from each other.”