Nastasya Samburski bought a luxury home

Настасья Самбурская купила роскошный дом The actress boasted a gorgeous acquisition. Nastasya Samburski planned to acquire real estate. Fans appreciated the stubborn artist in achieving their goals.

      Настасья Самбурская купила роскошный дом

      Star of TV series “Univer” Nastasya Samburski are unable to contain their joy and rushed to demonstrate to their subscribers the new acquisition – luxury two-storey mansion. The cherished goals gave the artist new powers for the implementation of the following plans. The picture illustrates only part of the house, but you can see that on the second floor there is a spacious balcony.

      “It’s good to have a house in the village… Especially two-story! Goal number three is achieved. It is impossible to stop. Work, work and more work. Over a, in the first place” – such optimistic signed accompanied by a single photograph of your property.

      Fans are genuinely happy for the actress that she was able to buy a house. They admired the tenacity of Nastasia in achieving their goals.

      “Congratulations! Still, it was lovely! What is it with you people! Set a goal will definitely achieve! Admire you!”, “Congratulations. You wonderful, positive people, now there almost gone. Ignore unkind people who write terrible words”, “I love that. Here is the goal! It’s good that you have goals and you go forward with them and implement them. And don’t ringing left and right about them. And style in your interior I am very impressed,” he hastened to congratulate the subscribers.

      I must say, sometimes it was earlier reported intention to buy a country house. The fact that the actress is dreaming about family and children, but in her plans was the purchase of the mansion to her loved ones to live in comfort. Apparently, now all plans Samburski gradually implemented.

      Also the actress is already thinking about children. Together with her partner, singer Alexander Ivanov, Nastasia wants to adopt a child from the orphanage. It is very important that she can give the baby a chance at a normal existence in a complete family. But most of all, the artist is pleased with the fact that her husband fully supported this idea.

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