Nastasya Samburski became the new host of “revizorro”

Настасья Самбурская стала новой ведущей «Ревизорро» The TV channel “Friday!” confirmed this information. General Director Nikolay Kartozia said that long watched the artist before you can set a time for this position. Previously she was the face of the program “General cleaning”.
Настасья Самбурская стала новой ведущей «Ревизорро»

Nastasya Samburski became the face of the popular show “Revizorro,” which airs on channel “Friday!”. General Director Nikolay Kartozia has confirmed that she will appear now in a new role. Recall, the company recently said goodbye to Lena Fly, which led the project for several seasons.

“We resume shooting of the project “Revizorro”. As the Creator and inspirer of the “Friday!”, I feel the need to tell you some details, but at the same time to share with you something personal. Main news – new Revizorro found! Her name is familiar to you. It Is Nastasya Samburski. For a year she works on “Friday!” in the “General cleaning”. I had time to get to know her, look her up. And you know what — in it I saw the very quality that is so necessary to our project “Revizorro”: intolerance to any manifestations of injustice and the desire to restore human right. We talked a lot with Nastasia and I, I think, now I know this man’s soul. I’m sure it will be a great “Revizorro”. Honest and principled. And her 9 million followers in Instagram support her in this,” – said in a statement, Nicholas.

For Nastasya Samburski, which is now married elect Cyril, this news was the second pleasant moment of the day. Actress, memorable in the series “Univer”, confirmed that the General Director of TV channel called her to this position.

“Nicholas Kartozia invited me to become the new “Revizorro”. All exhaustive information he has on Instagram. More no comment. Let’s wait for the first broadcast — then will all the details”, – said Nastasya with “StarHit”.

In the post placed on the personal page in a social network, Kartozia also mentioned about his relationship with Fly. He noted her professionalism, and stressed how badly Lena reacted to any manifestation of injustice.

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“And then instinct had not deceived me. Lena and invented by our colleagues in the format of “Revizorro” was a great match, complement each other, that now one can speak of a “Fly era” in the life of the project,” explained General Director of “Friday!”.