Настасья Самбурская согласилась на скандальную работу
The actress will delve into the dirty linen.

Nastasya Samburski

Photo: TV channel “Friday”

Finally Nastasya Samburski found a job you love:
to delve into the dirty linen of strangers. The actress will be leading the new show “spring-cleaning” on the channel “Friday!” and will “inspect” the apartments of Russians, who wished to wield it
over the threshold of his home. As presenter, Samburski wears white gloves and will fight for purity.

Because Nastassja is known to all for its explosive nature and an irresistible craving for scandals, the show promises to be interesting. It can be assumed that without
conflicts here will not do: although participation in this project is voluntary.

We will remind, recently Nastasya Samburski in honor of their anniversary
staged a noisy party in the Gothic style: the event was held in one of the
cultural institutions in the center of Moscow.
The birthday girl appeared at the festival in a chic black dress with

Most of all the guests were surprised by a birthday cake: holiday
the treat was made in the form of a coffin with red lettering of the postmark “good-bye,
the youth”. By the way, the whole holiday was held under the slogan “farewell,
youth”, the outrageous star in the next
times have laughed at the stereotypes, having taken post at “Samburski 30 —
Old — Life — Hosted — By — No Husband Or Children”. It is worth noting,
Nastasya Samburski has repeatedly stated that he has no desire to leave
married nor have children.