Nastasya Samburski admitted that he wants to have a baby

Настасья Самбурская призналась, что хочет родить ребенка
The actress complained about men.

Nastasya Samburski

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Nastasya Samburski shared that I would love to have children. “When there is a worthy candidate, I will deal with this issue. And while I’m surrounded by pussies and traitors, men with whom I could start a family, among them — said “7D” actress. — Have a good attitude to children, but at the moment I do not from whom they want.” After divorce with the young actor Cyril Dievice the actress became even more demanding of the suitors. Samburski confesses that she has ceased to trust people. But the dream to have a baby Nastasia threw. The actress certainly wants two kids.

By the way, the recent revelation of 30-year-old nastasi on domestic violence gave rise to rumors that it is for this reason harestanes with her husband, Cyril Dievice. Many felt emotional publication in the microblog artist recognition. Fans assume that Nastasia could thus hint at the real reasons for the sudden breakup with her husband.

“Why do men lift the woman’s hand and whether this be forgiven? Why not to collect will in a fist, not to suffer, after the first case? Why women suffer years of domestic violence, justifying himself, saying that the children and I’m not one pull! Have you tried? Why do we have half of the country’s ordinary “terpily” and masochist, unable to act? Why are you afraid of the weak and allow the men to assert themselves at you? Folder the nurse was beaten, well, let me beat! It becomes the norm! And this is not fucking normal. Throw them, have respect for yourself!” called Samburski.