Настасья Самбурская призналась, что скоро станет мамой
The actress once again surprised their fans.

Nastasya Samburski

Nastasya Samburski
known for his love of pranks and jokes. At this time, the actress with
excellent sense of humor, was published in the microblog the his alleged “pregnancy”.
In the caption, Nastasia admitted that will soon become a mother for the third

“Who is the father of the baby, honestly
I confess, like the last two times — I have no idea. Woke up
pregnant. Did an ultrasound, eyes of baby blue. If someone know how
it was, respond. It’s not photoshop. In our family no photoshop!
Sorry that the photo in his underwear. Wanted without panties, but was too shy!” — wrote
Samburski. Fans appreciated the humor nastasi, laughed at the prank
actress. In fact, the actress boasts a completely flat and toned stomach, and “pregnancy” stars — the work of a photo editor.

By the way, Samburski regularly
published photos and videos which makes fun of many current “trends” among
girls. So, the other day she released a video parody of Xenia Borodin. A little earlier from her and got Anastasia Volochkova, which often pleases fans of photos in a candid way. However,
the artist with the same humor applies to yourself. Not so long ago, Nastasia showed
naturenow the irony during a speech on the occasion of the victory in the category “actress of the year”
version FashionTV.

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