Nastassja Subsky posted a touching message to her husband

Настасья Шубская опубликовала трогательное послание своему мужу
Yesterday, 17 September, congratulations in honor of the birthday took the famous hockey player Alexander Ovechkin.

Настасья Шубская опубликовала трогательное послание своему мужу

The wife of an athlete Nastasia Subsky decided to post in Instagram a touching congratulation addressed to the beloved.

“I thank you for every second of our life together. You’re my protection, support and support. In sorrow and in joy… Thank you to the hardest time you’re near, and I am constantly, even at a distance, I feel your warmth, care and tenderness! I wish you to remain same kind, sympathetic and true! I’m sure that with your personality and dedication you will always have everything you wish! Happy birthday, my beloved!” – signed Nastasya on your page.

It should be noted that the official registration of marriage and Subsky Ovechkin was held last summer, but the celebration in honor of this event they organized this year.

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