Narusova on the nomination Sobchak: “It was the most difficult choice in my life.”

Нарусова о выдвижении Собчак: «Это был самый трудный выбор в моей жизни» Lyudmila Borisovna commented on the decision daughter in the program Andrei Malakhov. Not so long ago, Ksenia Sobchak announced that it intends to start collecting signatures for the presidential elections. The TV presenter also appeared in the Studio.
Нарусова о выдвижении Собчак: «Это был самый трудный выбор в моей жизни»

18 Oct Ksenia Sobchak announced its participation in the presidential race. The presenter calls himself the candidate “Against all”, but it does not exclude the possibility to join one of the existing political parties. According to Sobchak, she is open to suggestions. Wednesday night the nomination of Xenia discussed in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

In the Studio there was the mother of the famous TV presenter Lyudmila Narusova. Earlier, the Senator admitted that is experiencing a of daughter. However, it is not going to dissuade Xenia from participating in the elections.

“I never hid my age, I am 66 years. And never, in all honesty, I wasn’t standing in front of such a difficult choice. Choosing a relationship. The daughter is the only child I have always supported. Even if I didn’t like of what she was doing. But I knew who but I can to support it. And here it was… the Last three weeks were probably the hardest for throwing between the choice to hold on to her, although I knew that it was impossible. At the same time as-that to soften it and guide is also useless. In General, it is very difficult”, confessed Lyudmila.
Нарусова о выдвижении Собчак: «Это был самый трудный выбор в моей жизни»

At the same time Narusova believes that Sobchak had become a politician. According to Lyudmila Borisovna, Xenia is in the proper age. “You already have some experience and a negative one, which is also good, and positive, knowledge and education, which is starting to give out,” explained the Senator.

Andrey Malakhov invited to watch a video of “Instagram” Maxim Galkin, in which he ironically commented on the news about the nomination of Kim. Known parodist joked that in this case, the government will consist of media persons and it will include Ksenia Borodina, Sergey Shnurov, Purulent and Alexey Panin.

“The woman with the eggs – that’s what the country needs”: the principles of the presidential candidate of Ksenia Sobchak

Нарусова о выдвижении Собчак: «Это был самый трудный выбор в моей жизни»“This humorous approach suffers from reliability. Ksenia Sobchak is different from named Maxim individuals the fact that she grew up in such an environment and family where it was if not meant, of course. Plus her education, understanding of the situation. She grew up in this environment from the inside,” said Lyudmila Borisovna.

Ksenia Sobchak was late for the shooting of the program. The star appeared in the Studio in the middle of the transfer. The journalist met with thunderous applause. Xenia has told, how is going to required to participate in the elections 300 thousand votes.

Нарусова о выдвижении Собчак: «Это был самый трудный выбор в моей жизни»“About the signatures. I will say this. I have a system, I have an idea how to collect thousands of points in different regions. Soon I’ll announce it. In addition, the system is already available on the Internet that helped win the municipal elections in Moscow,” said the celebrity.

Xenia also explained why he offered to lead his campaign headquarters Igor Malashenko, the civil husband of the secular obozrevatelya Bozena Rynska. That is extremely ambiguous reacted to the decision of Xenia. Rynska earlier criticized the intention Sobchak to run for office, calling her a “bitch” and “bitch”. Xenia admitted that he pays no attention to negative comments, which did not hurt.

The campaign headquarters of Ksenia Sobchak was headed by the husband of Bozena Rynska

“I hope that Bozena personal life does not affect my staff and my political positions. Bozena – girlfriend emotional apparently, it is excusable such statements, – said Xenia. – Her reaction [the first comment Rynska on the nomination Sobchak] I someone sends… I read it and thought: “Igor Malashenko, the perfect candidate for the position of head of my staff.” I didn’t have anyone for this position, I was going to be myself.”
Нарусова о выдвижении Собчак: «Это был самый трудный выбор в моей жизни»

According to Sobchak, she met Malashenko the next day. First, they discussed plans for Breakfast at seven o’clock in the morning, and then went to the press conference. Ksenia was extremely happy with my choice.

Нарусова о выдвижении Собчак: «Это был самый трудный выбор в моей жизни»“I Bozhenov very grateful, I in some sense have suggested the correct candidate on this post. Before our meeting with Igor, I haven’t seen and nothing he didn’t offer. I told him my plan, he agreed. I am very glad that Igor has become part of our team, he is very talented and creative people,” – said Ksenia.

In the program we are talking about the meme with Sobchak, who decided to run for President. Some Internet users compare Xenia with Hillary Clinton, others associate the image of a star with the fauna. Leading with humor refers to such comparisons. “I want to say that if I were a horse then I am a unicorn. I have a fabulous horse that wants to bring into people’s lives a fairy tale, happiness and the right values,” she joked.

In the final transmission version of the program prepared a surprise for Ksenia Sobchak. Your story shared the honored pilot of Russia Vadim Bazykin. He talked about how in 1995, Anatoly Sobchak asked him to lay the letter to his daughter in the spire of the Peter and Paul fortress.

Нарусова о выдвижении Собчак: «Это был самый трудный выбор в моей жизни»“With the installation of an angel we laid there a gold-plated capsule with messages to descendants, who limited his letters to his children. Anatoly is Ksenia, I’m his daughter. These capsules get in 2045. Yes, I know that in the letter Anatoly Alexandrovich. Moreover, it was poetry. Believe me, they are strong,” – said Bazykin.