Наргиз Закирова скоро вновь выйдет замуж Fans of the singer believe that this will be the wedding of the century. Finalist of the second season of “the Voice” caught the bride’s bouquet at the ceremony with a friend. Nargiz Zakirova argues that the coincidences in her life. “Oh what would that be,” wrote the star on Twitter.

      In life Nargiz Zakirova, which is now at the stage of divorce proceedings with her husband Philip Balzano bring about positive change. Soon the flamboyant singer may again go under the crown. At least it promises her a well-known sign. And the finalist of second season of the show “the Voice”, apparently, believes. Nargiz Zakirova: scandals, magic and men in the life of the singer

      The fact that Nargiz Zakirova has recently been to a wedding of a friend. The triumph marked a big way in nice. However, the singer not only enjoyed a wonderful holiday, but also carried away from the wedding, the main attribute of the celebration – the bride’s bouquet, which she caught. About that Nargiz Zakirova has informed in the microblog, with obvious enthusiasm about the events, promising her a great future.

      “How cleverly you left the coveted bouquet, – wrote the artist, referring to her friend. And among the many lovely ladies catch it was awarded to me. Coincidence? But in chance I never believed”.

      The post Nargis was accompanied by the hashtag “you’re embarrassing me somehow” and “Oh what would that be”. Fans of the singer immediately began to congratulate her, claiming that what happened was no accident, but a sign. “For some reason came to mind the words of the song Pugacheva: “you know, there will still be…”, “This will be the wedding of the century!”, “Be happy! That’s for sure!”, – sure subscribers vocalist. One of the participants of the show “the Voice” Elena Maksimova in the comments asked Nargis to move up the wedding, because she wants to catch the bride’s bouquet. “Wait now that I throw! Let’s not delay,” he appealed to Zakirova’s colleague on the project.

      We will remind, in the beginning of the summer, fans were shocked by the details of his personal life Nargiz Zakirova. As it turned out, the happy family life of the artist, a crisis. The conflict broke out due to financial disagreements. Nargis says that for a long time fully contained a spouse who never worked. Despite the fact that the husband and wife lived together for 20 years, they could not agree among themselves, and therefore the singer was forced to go to court for divorce.

      Scandal in the family has gone beyond a domestic conflict. Scandal in the family Nargiz Zakirova came to the police Ne so long ago it became known that Philip Balsano arrested by the NYPD for what threatened Nargis violence. The son of the singer Auel argues that his stepfather sending him death threats in the form of SMS, which says that will destroy Nargis. Angry messages were immediately transferred to the young man to the police station, and the guards responded immediately. Now Philip is waiting trial.

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