Наргиз Закирова раскрепостилась после расставания с мужем The singer was replaced by the brutal image on the erotic. In early summer, fans were amazed by the news that Nargiz Zakirova is going to file for divorce after 20 years of marriage with your spouse. The conflict broke out due to financial disagreements.

      The participant of the project “the Voice” Nargiz Zakirova gave their fans an unexpected surprise. Singer, which many are accustomed to seeing in a brutal manner, I decided to experiment with style. She surprised followers by bold photos – images Nargis appeared in underwear and harness. The publication the actress was accompanied by a clip of a song of group Agatha Christie.

      At ease
      Can tear me apart
      I know what happiness is
      And I’m almost not painful
      Free… Free…“, – signed photo of Nargis.

      Needless to say, what a storm of enthusiasm evoked erotic view Zakirova, many fans of her work. All, without exception, approved the bold experiment of the artist. “I’m just so excited! You are irresistible”, “You’re really unique, Nargis. New explosion” “And in life-then how it looks, and you can’t”, “you can watch for hours, Nargiz”, – did not contain his delight subscribers.

      In early summer, fans were shocked by the details of his personal life Nargiz Zakirova. As it turned out, the happy family life of the artist, a crisis. The conflict broke out due to financial disagreements. Nargis says that for a long time fully contained a spouse who never worked. Despite the fact that the husband and wife lived together for 20 years, they could not agree among themselves, and therefore the singer was forced to go to court for divorce.

      Nargiz Zakirova: “My ex-husband is asking for 40 thousand dollars for a divorce”

      “I made the decision to divorce through the courts, because peaceful options Phil isn’t satisfied. All last year, all my royalties went to pay his numerous debts. My ex-husband moved on to blackmail and threats. It requires me about 40 thousand dollars for a divorce. I am very grateful to the lawyers Maxim Fadeev, who help me with the procedure of divorce”, – said the artist “StarHit”.

      The husband of a celebrity, Italian singer Philip Balzano understood that after the scandal and the details that became known to the whole environment and the fans of the actress can go all kinds of rumors. He warned friends and asked them not to believe discrediting him. Nargiz Zakirova met face to face with the husband who threatened her

      “I’ll always love his wife regardless of what will happen in the future. I’m sure deep down she also kept love. The novel, the tale of love that had once caused so much envy, in the end, ended sad,” complained Philip.

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