Nargiz Zakirova scandal organizers of the show

Наргиз Закирова устроила скандал организаторам шоу The name of the vocalist used to attract the public to the celebration. Nargiz Zakirova before the limit is outraged that her fans were deceived by unscrupulous people. In the event one of the shopping centers of the city of Chita twins posed for these artists.
Наргиз Закирова устроила скандал организаторам шоу

Around the name of the singer Nargiz Zakirova again erupted serious scandal, which provoked the organizers of the show in one of the shopping centers of the city of Chita.

The event was organized by the twins known artists. However, the public were misled, because they announced that on stage to sing the real singers. Enthusiastic fans, thinking that it Nargis Zakirova, filmed it on video and shared it in microblogs, noting in the post singer. So the singer learned that “acted” in Chita. To pass such a huge deception by Nargis Zakirova are unable. The singer burst into an angry post to the address of organizers of the festival, requiring immediate explanation. Nargiz Zakirova said oaths at the election of the producer

“I understand that there are so-called travesty shows, that when a man is presented to the public in a manner well-known female artists. But the comment below made me a terrible impression. Girl, put this post, has not said a word about the show doubles, or similar kind of event. She just wrote: Nargiz at the birthday party of some kind novositi cheats. Noting my official page. I insist on the explanation of this brazen antics from the administration of an imaginary Nargis without delay! And fans of his, I officially declare that none of my counterparts do not travel on tours, as was done in the 90s! I work exclusively with Maxim Fadeev!” – posted by Nargis Zakirova in the microblog, posting a performance of his double.

In the next post, the singer quotes the impressions of eyewitnesses of the concert. People have reported that not all noticed the bases even when it became apparent that the imaginary Nargis singing under a soundtrack.

Loyal fans Nargiz Zakirova was supported in her quest to punish the organizers of the show. Many just suggest to the singer to go to court. “Why, the naked eye can see that this is a setup! First noticed on the head, tattoos on the cheeks, and especially hands (here they are clean, no tattoos). She Nargiz graceful as a cat, and then a rough movement So it is not passed with impunity, it is necessary to sue, and it will be right. But true fans of Nargis, I am sure, not to be bought on the cheap. There from the first seconds everything is clear…”, “Here it is necessary through the court to punish, quite insolent”, “would Never be confused with Nargis this a parody,” he said fans Nargiz Zakirova its publication.