Наргиз Закирова рассказала, что приводит ее в ужас

Despite the fact that the participant of the project “the Voice” sings about love, the appearance of the performer gives reason to think of her as a strong willed woman which is not afraid of any test. However, in an interview with the press Nargis admitted that something in her life she still is afraid. Moreover, to cope with this fear it can be difficult.

Nargis is afraid of crowds, and to be in the middle of it is hard for her test: “When you find yourself in the crowd of people starting to panic – said Nargiz. – I have this phobia, so basically try to move only by car. Although sometimes and in the center of Moscow to take a walk. To me recently came to visit the son from America, and we went with him to walk to Red square. Of course, people constantly approached me to ask for an autograph, wanted me to take a picture”.

This “weakness” Nargiz still compensates for some strong traits. So, Zakirova admits that she’s terrible anger and can scare anyone: “I’m not always so good and comfortable. I have another side. It is quite hard. I think it’s better to keep it not know. I’m a very patient person, but in anger terrible.”

We will remind, some time ago it became known that Nargis decided to end the marriage with Philip Balsano, with whom she lived together for over 20 years.


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