Nargiz Zakirova made fun of Olga Buzova

Наргиз Закирова высмеяла Ольгу Бузову

The creative activity of Olga Buzova despite all her efforts, still causes a mixed reaction from the public. Among the huge number of those who like or comment on the work Buzova, are laudatory and critical reviews. The second camp can be attributed Nargiz Zakir. On his page in Instagram contestant on “the Voice” derided attempts by Olga to gain a foothold in the music world.

On his page in the social network Zakirova published the cover of the newspaper, which she gave a detailed interview. Ironically, the cover was decorated exactly Buzova, which once again decided to share their family drama – the details of the divorce with Dmitry Tarasov.

“As the saying goes, live and learn… to Be uneducated and not know in person the folk heroes of the Fatherland , is a Vice! Clearance occurred in me, only due to the excellent edition of the “Caravan of stories”. Where do I even kind of like the way received touch wonderful!…”, — posted by Nargis in the comments to the post.

Zakirova fans immediately began to comment on its publication, noting the incredibly subtle sense of humor, their favorite: “How thin and sarcastic!”, “What kind of intellectual sarcasm.” Among the total number of followers there were those who sided with Olga: “With all due respect to you, but you are not color”, “How low! You think yourselves high flying bird”, “I’m disappointed”.

This situation yet remains without a response from the Buzova.