Наргиз Закирова разводится с мужем из-за денег

The third marriage singer Nargiz Zakirova came to an end. After nearly 20 years together, the singer and her husband, Philip, Balzano decided to leave, what Nargis, in fact, wrote in Facebook.

Zakirov admitted that her decision to divorce was forced, and all because of the fact that Philip made her life a living hell. Now the pair will go to court to sort out there with their claims against each other.

And to understand really what is there. The fact that the main claim of Bolzano towards Zakirova lies in Finance.

In the last year my husband made my life hell. Unfortunately, the money for Philip was much more important than family happiness,” Zakirov wrote in Facebook, having accompanied the post with a letter from her husband, which requires her amount of several tens of thousands of dollars. In particularuntil 3 June 2016 to transfer to him the amount of financial support in the amount of $ 38.500. In it he included 30.500 “debt” (the cost of repair of the house and the royalties for his works), as well as the 8,000 in monthly payments. Now help the artist in a divorce proceeding lawyers provide the production center Maxim Fadeev, an artist who is Zakirov.

In an interview Life.ru Nargis confessed that actually her husband is a dangerous man who once nearly killed her son from a previous marriage: “we in the house fly, the furniture, the walls were pierced. I was trying to be patient, but also endured it and my son — I can say that it come with his the age of four. He immediately disliked. There was a moment when he grabbed him by the throat and nearly strangled. Then I realized that our relationship came to an end.”

The divorce process couples to be held in new York at the place of its registration.

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