Наргиз Закирова эффектно обнажила ягодицы The singer is again allowed himself a provocative outfit. After the divorce with her husband Nargiz Zakirova began to expose the microblogging a rather bold photo. Fans were delighted with pictures of a celebrity.

      Not long ago, the singer and the participant of the project “the Voice” Nargiz Zakirova struck fans the unexpected. 45-year-old singer appeared in a rather bold way – in underwear and harness. Fans were pleasantly surprised by this sudden change in the style of the artist, who preferred brutal outfits. Now Zakirova decided to surprise their fans with bold photography.

      “Dependence in individuals of diverse entertainment. Who cocaine, vodka who who men in skirts. To morning not to mention. Well, my drug is the stage! Airports, railway stations, piers! Cities, towns, villages. Endless travel, nomadism! Costumes, dressing rooms, makeup and lights. Music, people, weather forecasts. I live all this power! Breathe and take heed! No need to complain about anything,” wrote Nargis in the microblog.

      However, the attention of fans attracted not a Declaration of love Nargis to the scene, and the appearance of the artist. 45-year-old singer was lying on the couch in short shorts, which were almost invisible under her long shirt and exposed the tattoo on her hip. Also, the artist was wearing specific socks, which were completely lace. Fans appreciated quite a bold actress.

      “You’re beautiful, Nargiz! Stylish, sexy, free! Always be be!” “Nargis, UPS, great performances and hot encounters! Look of course first class! Always beautiful, Nargis, you’re stunning. Such a big word now is the time. Don’t be afraid of it. What a awesome, crazy,” wrote the loyal fans of the artist.

      Many fans said that after the scandalous divorce Nargis with her husband Philip Balzano she began to afford a pretty bold outfits. Not so long ago it became known that the ex-husband was arrested by the police for violating the ban on contact with the stepson. Scandal in the family Nargiz Zakirova came to the police

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