Nargis posted revealing the buttocks

Наргиз опубликовала откровенный снимок ягодиц One of the most prominent singers of the national stage is a frequent contributor to his extravagant photos that show the perfect figure of the actress. Before Nargis has pleased fans with the gym.

Nargiz Zakirova is by far one of the most interesting and popular performers on the national stage. The singer published in Instagram picture, which showed the fans a perfect figure and strong muscles. The photo artist has been in the gym and perform the exercise of force. Fans were able to evaluate not only the biceps Zakirova, but have tried to address and read numerous tattoos on the body of the star.

Photo less than a day gained almost three thousand likes and more than three dozen comments. Fans praised the singer and left many compliments for the idea.

“Perfect, the living beauty, your every move is graceful, feminine and so much fire in you, Nargiz”, “Nargis is in any way beautiful”, “You’re gorgeous. Was, is and will be”, “Great! I also want a Granny,” commented fans Nargis. Many fans did not believe that Zakirova’s grandmother.

Personal life singer hides, it is known that the artist was married, but divorced. As found “StarHit” Nargis and her ex-husband Philip Balzano were together for twenty years. The couple lived in the United States, where he performed with the concert program. But after the glory in Russia, the artist decided to plunder my relationship with my husband.

Balzano told journalists that the divorce turned to him severe mental trauma.

“We were together twenty years, and the breakup turned for me into a real tragedy. However, I love Nargis and now the door in my heart for her is always open,” said Philip. Today, the couple rarely talk, but they have a daughter Leila. In addition, the actress has two children from a previous relationship.

Nargis is now fully immersed in the work. This year, the singer released a few hits than have won even more fans.