Nargis accused the First channel in the psychological attacks on her family

Наргиз обвинила Первый канал в психологических атаках на ее семью The singer has expressed indignation at the actions of some of the TV people. According to Nargiz Zakirova, her family and ex-husband Phil Balzano regularly calling with an offer to share your story and pass a lie detector.
Наргиз обвинила Первый канал в психологических атаках на ее семью

Singer Nargiz Zakirova condemned the behavior of the employees of the First channel. According to the artist, her relatives and friends regularly calling with an offer to give an interview. According to star, she to the last hoped for a peaceful settlement of the situation. However, patience Nargis came to an end.

Наргиз обвинила Первый канал в психологических атаках на ее семью“Totally inconsiderate, I would even say rude my family is under psychological attack,” said the celebrity.

Until recently, Zakirova believed that her relationship with the First channel can be described as warm and friendly. The singer has always found time to chat with the editors with whom she became friends on the set of “the Voice”. However, Nargis is not only called for the shooting of the episode “Tonight”, dedicated to the popular vocal show, but never mentioned on the air. According to Zakirova, a fact she was alarmed and offended to the core.

“The guests were all the participants from 2014 to 2017, the Winners, semi-finalists, members of the jury… well, everything, who was and is involved in this project. To my surprise there was no limit to the ether, I was not invited. And throughout the program my name was not mentioned even once. If I wasn’t there at all. In this feeling, it was very painful and sad,” said Nargis.
Наргиз обвинила Первый канал в психологических атаках на ее семью

The singer stressed that she didn’t want to remind viewers and be promoted. “I frankly admit, do not like all the extra time anywhere to glow and flickering. It is not my story,” said Nargis. According to Zakirova, it deliberately ignored. “An unpleasant sensation, but I soon released,” recalls the actress. Apparently, the lack of Nargis in the air “Tonight” was due to difficult relations Konstantin Ernst and Maxim Fadeev. It is known that producer and his players don’t call on the First channel because of a quarrel with the Director General, that took place in 2014.

At the same time, relatives Zakirova, according to her, constantly pestering persistent attempts to contact. “Mom literally screamed that the editors of the First channel she just broke off the phones, calling 3-4 times a day, at any time of the day (and new York time zones differ quite significantly), with a request to “urgently look for” Nargis” – says the artist.

As a result, the singer was forced to announce calls to management of the label MALFA and Maxim Fadeev. After that, her mother left alone.

“This is what happens, gentlemen? Wanted – called, did not want – can’t remember? What am I – a dog that will run at the first call? And of course, the final insanity was the fact that to this day, the representatives of the First channel is literally terrorizing my ex-husband Phil Balzan with a persistent request to participate in the program “Let them talk” and “actually”, where according to their idea it will have to broadcast against me,” says the star.

While the ex-spouse Nargis is not going to become the hero of the TV, even for a reward flight in business class. The actress stressed that Balzan have nothing to tell reporters.

“Our Phil history with divorce process, fortunately, decided with the world. While my husband and I stayed in the rather warm relations. Our communication with him happens daily, sometimes several times a day. And about the infamous luring in a scandalous show I announced that he” – shared Zakirova.

The artist decided to make Instagram post to put an end to the harassment of her former husband. Nargis was asked to leave her family alone and threatened lawyers. According to Zakirova, there is a large enough number of artists willing to share their stories with reporters.