Nargis about her abusive husband: “He turns and hits me in the jaw”

Наргиз о жестокости мужа: «Он поворачивается и бьет меня в челюсть» The artist remembered the hard times. Recently, Nargiz Zakirova has released a video for the song “Dislike”. His heroes were women victims of domestic violence. The actress shared her sad story.

Some time ago Nargiz Zakirova has released a music video for the track “Dislike”. Today, the Network has a backstage video in which women who took part in the shooting, told terrible stories of his personal life. Each of them have faced violence from loved ones. 19-year-old photographer Maya left home after her father beat and other relatives turned a blind eye. Liliya Volkova admitted that after the birth of the child her husband began to apply to her physical strength. The man even tried to blow it up, along with her daughter.

Nargis says that her family has always been dominated by love. Parents treated her kindly and warmly. However, she had to deal with aggression when she lived with her husband Ernur by Kanybekova.

Nargis and Valery United vs battered husbands

“Unfortunately, my second marriage from the start had failed, and I knew it, but it seemed to me that perhaps something can change. For me it was the first beacon that, when I was pregnant, my husband’s really pushed me and I hit my head on the wall. After some time after moving to America began the most terrible that happened in my life. The reason was absolutely ridiculous. I worked in a restaurant. To him came some guests from his country. He asked me to sit down at their table, I refused, because it was forbidden by the owner. He said nothing, but after work when we got in the taxi we drove to our house… And suddenly at some point he turns, hits me in the jaw. I’m falling at the fence, and he begins to zapisyvat my legs. I got up and realize I can’t close my mouth. He told me that it’s because I embarrassed him in front of friends and sat with them at table,” – said the singer.

Nargis went to the hospital, where he made pictures. Husband literally stood on his knees and begged her forgiveness when she was released from the hospital. Then she realized that they couldn’t live together. The star will never forget the sight as I watched the meeting at the time of the beating. “As if it were the devil himself,” says Nargis. The man even threatened to take away her son, but fortunately nothing happened.