Naomi watts about her father, a nomadic way of life and Lieve the Schweiber

Наоми Уоттс об отце, кочевническом способе жизни и Ливе Швайбере

Who would have thought that the famous actress Naomi watts led a nomadic life. In a new interview, the star told about the early death of his father, crossings, and Lieve the Schweiber.

Наоми Уоттс об отце, кочевническом способе жизни и Ливе Швайбере

“In my childhood my mother and I lived on wheels. In England alone I was able to go to nine schools in Norfolk, Suffolk, Wales… When I was 14, we moved to Australia. I was constantly on the road, in a state of tension. How will I fit into a new peer group? What if you don’t accept? Nomadic mode of existence didn’t seem so cool. I never wanted to be cool — I wanted a family, where wearing tweed and not leather pants and boots on the platform. And constantly sought to become someone else — a sad desire for a child, isn’t it?”

About the father: “Parents divorced in 1972 when I was four. After a few years the father (Pink Floyd sound engineer Peter watts. — Ed.) died. He was only 30. Dad almost left us money and memories about yourself. The first problem helped to solve a group, collecting a certain amount for our family. As for the memories… Not so long ago to me on the street was approached by a fan of Pink Floyd and showed photos. You have to understand that in my archive are only three cards of the father, and all he rasfokus. And then in 48 years — I first considered the daddy for real: in the picture he was visible to his full height and smiled. Looking at this photo, I immediately began to cry: all these years I didn’t know what father’s smile.”

But as Naomi brings up his children: “I used to stick to the rules: not to show to the sons of his movies, nothing good is not over. When the youngest, Sam, a child saw the excerpt from “king Kong”, he was shocked, and mommy’s in trouble, she was kidnapped by a monkey! Over time, adhere to the principles became more complicated: I starred in the film about the tsunami, “the Impossible” and to convince children that I fake blood, daubed them with special paint with him. And now Sam loves scary movies and wants to get to the classics of the genre — tape “the call” with my participation.”

About Liwa of Schweiber: “it’s Funny that with Levom (actor Liev Schreiber, with whom she has lived for 11 years. — Ed.) we could meet much earlier. We tried to make friends but then some of us wanted, someone was in a relationship… x Hour came in 2005: we met at the Met Gala, and I immediately realized that I really like this man. I’m usually shy but then took the initiative. Just Liv was about to leave, and I realized: “Damn it, fly another couple of years, and I will not do anything!” And asked him: “You did not want to record my numbers…?” I hesitate to even call this phone number! He laughed and five minutes later sent a TEXT message: “want to grab a drink somewhere?” I said, “I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” Since this all started. Even though we’re not together, but still close: raise children, we see each other often and talk on the phone”.

About Hobbies: “I Have no Hobbies — I’m starting something to get involved and if it takes too much time or I’m not strong, then throw. So, I went to tennis. When I was pregnant, he studied at the courses of Italian, but, realizing that not pass to the next level, I stopped taking lessons. I love to cook, but I do not supercharge, and the furnace and did not know how. But I know how to take care of the garden, but that sounds so not sexy. I even once heard the idea: if you have gardening, then moved to the final part of your life. He remembered another of his features: I used to love moving the furniture at home, when Liv was away for a few days. To do so with him I was embarrassed. When he returned, we asked, “what did you do this time? Why?” And I convinced him: “So much better!”