Наоми Кэмпбелл не пустили в отель из-за цвета кожи

49‑year-old star of the 90s Naomi Campbell, despite his star status, continues to face racial discrimination and not so long ago told that it was not allowed in the hotel because of the color of the skin!

Наоми Кэмпбелл не пустили в отель из-за цвета кожи

According to the model, an unpleasant incident occurred in one of the hotels in the South of France. Naomi decided to stay in the hotel with a friend, but she refused, saying that there are no rooms available! That being said, the staff continued to register other guests. Naomi is shocked by the incident and called the situation “disgusting.” By the way, at that time held the festival de Cannes, so the star was invited to take part in an event at the hotel.

“They didn’t want to let us in because of the color of the skin. The guy at the door said there are no rooms available, but at the same time, let other people”, — says the star in an interview for Paris Match.

Lower the head model is not going to. The situation only makes her stronger and motivated “to continue to Express myself and to make me heard”.

In addition to Naomi injustice face and aspiring model, which the star loves to help practical advice. Reporters asked Campbell whether it has improved the situation in the modeling business, to which the star replied: “I would like to say.”

Aspiring models Naomi gives advice: “Be strong.” Willpower will help to surround yourself with good people and to find a reasonable agent!

The injustice Naomi reacts always. For example, Miroslava Duma has published in his Instagram account with the invitation to the fashion show Ulyana Sergeenko. The invitation was the phrase “My niggas in Paris.”

The post drew the attention of the dark-skinned supermodel, that these words angered. “Seriously?! Why you: a) wrote it; b) published it… Someone else is going to attend her show tomorrow?” writes Campbell, urging them not to come to the show Ulyana.

Not only Naomi protested this invitation, but also the users of instagram. Sergeenko hurried to answer the barrage of negativity in the party. “I woke up this morning and saw on my phone a lot of offensive messages: “You deserve worse”, “Die, white bitch” and so on. I was born in a small town in the East of Kazakhstan, my daughter is half Armenian, I have never divided people into white and black! One of my favorite musicians are Kanye West and his song NP is one of my favorites. And Yes, sometimes we call each other a word with the letter “n” when you want to believe that we are as cool as these guys performing it. I deeply apologize to anybody I may have offended”.

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