Наоми Кэмпбелл призналась, что недовольна своей фигурой
The model said she hates to advertise underwear.

Naomi Campbell

During a recent
TV show, which was moderated by piers Morgan, Naomi Campbell has surprised with his confession: she claims she was always very
shy and struggled all his life with this hindering her in her career below

Moreover, it turned out,
that 47-year-old Naomi, who still can give odds
to younger colleagues, are dissatisfied with their figure! «I
always shy about my body, especially when just beginning a career. When I first came to new York, and I
had to dress up in something tight, I always wrapped
top long cardigan to hide my “ass”, which I
strongly disliked…” said Campbell. Naomi claims that
it is always so difficult was shooting in underwear ads. For the same
the reason she doesn’t allow herself to be naked —
like other celebrities, for example, Emily Ratzkowski or Kim Kardashian.
“I do not blame them, they like it and they can afford it — unlike
from me…” said Naomi.

Meanwhile, those
disadvantages that Campbell sees in their figure, most likely not noticeable to anyone,
in addition to her own. And even more, they do not hinder her attract
the attention of the representatives of the stronger sex. After all, Campbell is known for a succession of their
novels with celebrities of the first magnitude, among whom was Robert De Niro,
Sylvester Stallone, Mike Tyson, albert, who later became the Prince of Monaco, Flavio
Briatore, Vladislav Doronin… Last summer, she met with Egyptian
billionaire Louis Camilleri, and earlier this year switched to the 35-year-old rapper Joseph Junior Adenuga acting
under the pseudonym of Scepta.