Naomi Campbell announced his intention to have a child

Наоми Кэмпбелл заявила о своем намерении родить ребенка
46-year-old model wants to be a mom.

Naomi Campbell

Recently Naomi Campbell was surprised by the unexpected
statement. The model, which in a few weeks will celebrate its 47th
birthday, admitted that she was not going to abandon the plan
to produce a child. About Naomi revealed in a recent interview with ES Magazine.

It is curious that Naomi, despite its
age, does not want to follow the example of many Hollywood celebrities and
to resort to adoption. She is going to have itself! Although, as suspects
Campbell, without the help of doctors her in this matter can not do. “I almost always think about what I
it’s time to have children. And I hope in this plan for the last
advances in science that will allow me to give birth to, when I want,” said

However, when it is going to lead
his plan into execution, did not elaborate. Indeed, as explained by Campbell,
to become a single mother she doesn’t want. “I believe that child needs a father, and
this is very important!” — specified model. She had
many knights, including celebrity of the first magnitude (including Robert De Niro), but her current lover, the paparazzi track fails.

With the promising of her boyfriend, Vladimir
Doronin — Naomi broke up a few years ago. And the following novels with African
billionaire Kola Aluko and actor Michael Fassbender was not too long and serious.
Last year she was seen in the company of singer lenny Kravitz and actor Idris Elba.
But in the last few months she hasn’t been with one of them. So who Campbell read in the fathers of their unborn child is unknown.