Nanny Ksenia Sobchak told about his childhood presenter

Няня Ксении Собчак рассказала о детстве телеведущей A resident of St. Petersburg Olga Pavlova told about the childhood years of famous TV presenter. According to the woman, the future TV star grew up very responsible and serious. Pavlova believes that these qualities Sobchak received due to excellent education.
Няня Ксении Собчак рассказала о детстве телеведущей

The next issue of “live”, which showed on Thursday, 25 may, was devoted to the nannies of the wealthy. The max transfer was Olga Pavlova, the former nanny of the presenter and editor of the periodical Ksenia Sobchak.

The woman remembers a celebrity a child. According to Pavlova, the future TV star was also interviewing candidates for the position of nurse. “When we met with Ksenia, they were speed selection. First, their choice was determined by the mother, then the consent has given Xenia. Dad’s not so involved, he was more occupied people,” said the woman.

According to Pavlova, the future TV star since childhood, was very serious. Babysitter celebrity says that the parents raised her well.

“She basically did our lessons, we were fed that brought Lyudmila Borisovna, and then she took it back. I don’t want to smear oil oil and say how beautiful she was, but the child was really very responsible in all respects. And it’s all absorbed from parents who raised a girl,” she shared.
Няня Ксении Собчак рассказала о детстве телеведущей

Then, in the live talk show featured archival photos of Ksenia Sobchak, as well as fragments of recordings made a few years ago. Some experts recalled the days when a star was called “the blonde in chocolate” and criticized her behavior. “It’s not arrogance, it’s the image that she had to create,” stood up for the lead of Pavlov and added that in life that “completely different”.

The program also demonstrated the Olga’s apartment where she once did homework. “Nobody helped her, it was banned, said: “She can do everything, knows everything, so don’t tell me”. The girl was very independent…” – she remembered the woman.

According to Pavlova, she once fried eggs with sausage and decided to treat his ward. It turned out that for Ksenia similar dishes in wonder. “I gave her, and she said she loved it. Ksenia tried it as exotic,” shared the woman.

Earlier in the broadcast of “You wouldn’t believe!” Olga Pavlova said that in the 80s the family of the first mayor of St. Petersburg lived in the apartment of an ordinary nine-storey building. The woman was a neighbor of the family of Anatoly Sobchak. “Xenia strictly raised in… Life on a schedule, as I understand it,” – said Pavlov.