Nanny intervened in the divorce of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt

Няня вмешалась в развод Анджелины Джоли и Брэда Питта
My friends say that pitt is crying every day.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt

Photo: Legion-media

Krisann Morel, a former nanny of Angelina Jolie,
addressed to the actress through a press with an open letter. She encouraged the actress not to deprive children of their father,
reminding angelina of her own difficult childhood. This was reported by the Australian edition
Woman’s Day.

Krisann, who looked after the most
Angelina when she was a little girl, admitted that she is desperate. Morel
believes that the actress is going to repeat the mistake of his mother Marceline, and this will lead
to dire consequences for children Jolie and brad pitt. The fact that Marceline,
who was mortally offended by her ex-husband and father of Angelina John
Voight, did everything to set up the daughter and her brother against their dad and let
their communication. And now Jolie, who was extremely attached to his
my mom, who passed away in 2007, is going to follow its harmful as
convinced Morel, example.

“I allowed myself to talk about it just because
that is very concerned about the fate of Angelina and her children. I want to appeal to
her: “Please don’t cut brad out of their lives!” You can’t use children as a weapon in a quarrel with her husband and “demonize” him, as it did once it
mother. As a result they will be lonely and bleak childhood as
once most of the Angelina. After all, her mother and could not forgive Voight, and she was
it hurts to look at his daughter, in many ways resembled her father …” — said

As for pitt, he, from the moment
as Jolie filed for divorce and until today, have not had the opportunity to see
with children. After all, Angelina accused him that he is in a rage struck older
adopted son Maddox. Spread
however, the information that the divorcing couple signed a temporary
an agreement under which pitt will be allowed to meet with children in
the presence of a consultant-psychologist. However, this meeting has not yet
took place.

Meanwhile, brad how to claim it
friends, crying every day and says he just can’t believe that
all this is happening to them in reality, and is not a nightmare. The only
source of solace pitt is it
parents with whom he perevarivaetsya every day…