Няня первенца Меган Маркл и принца Гарри уволилась спустя две недели работы

6 may was born Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The Royal family immediately hired a nanny, who, it seems, could not stand it and quit after two weeks of work. What was the reason for another dismissal?

Mega Markle — mom is very caring and careful. According to sources, the Duchess of Sussex did not allow the Royal staff to be with her son. The babysitter could not work in such conditions and was forced to retire. “Megan likes to be in control. She can’t leave anyone alone with Archie. She ignored any help. No one can care for him but her. It does not allow the nanny to get closer to the son,” — said the insider.

According to the source, Megan and Harry didn’t want to hire an employee, but soon took a job not an assistant.

This is not the first time from the state of the Royal family dismissed workers. Citing sources, the portal Radar Online reported that after two years retired pilot of the Royal family. He could not resist the vagaries of the Duchess, and decided to leave the post. They say she treated him as a “conservative driver” and kept sending him strange snacks. “The implementation of such orders was not in his professional duties and are more like round-the-clock service for the delivery of food,” shared a source close to the Palace.

Earlier resigned bodyguard Markle. Bodyguard, whose name has not been disclosed for security reasons, worked with Megan for six months. Earlier the woman accompanied the Duchess on a tour of the countries of Australia and Oceania and made a lot of noise in the network. The former bodyguard is an inspector of Scotland Yard, and colleagues describe the woman as a high-class professional.

Credible reasons for dismissal are unknown, but some sources have reported disagreements with Megan. Royalty wants to be closer to the people, which greatly complicates the work of protection. Others have reported that the reason was the woman’s decision to leave the service.

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