Нани Брегвадзе жалеет, что отпустила супруга People’s artist of USSR remembered about their divorce. Nani Bregvadze admitted that they seriously separated from her husband. The singer was unable to maintain good relations with the former spouse even for the sake of his daughter.
Нани Брегвадзе жалеет, что отпустила супруга

Georgian Nani Bregvadze was the first pop singer in the Soviet Union, awarded the title of people’s artist. She began her solo career in 1980, when he first performed the song “Snowfall”, which brought her Union love. Prior to that, Nani Bregvadze 15 years was the only girl, a soloist of the popular Georgian ensemble “Orera”. It was surrounded by an enviable grooms of Georgia, one more beautiful and talented than the other. As now says 82-year-old singer and colleagues on the staff took care of it. “When I went on stage, they kissed my hands and stood on his knees,” admitted Nani in the program NTV “Once.”

The audience loved the band “Orera” and constantly attributed novels first soloist with the head of the group Robert, Bardzimashvili, and then with the all-Union favourite, the drummer of the ensemble Vakhtang Kikabidze. Nani liked Bubba, and he was delighted with it, but the artists struck up a friendship only love for life.

Нани Брегвадзе жалеет, что отпустила супруга“People want us to be together. He liked me and I liked him. Still Buba didn’t like! He was so charming. And still. He in the beginning was not beautiful, are you?! He was like a monkey. And then prettier. His breed is, generosity – all came. And he is very kind, loves to help people,” said Nani Bregvadze.
Нани Брегвадзе жалеет, что отпустила супруга

But as the singer admits in a mumble she was not in love with. “I fall in love hard,” said Nani.

The actress was married once and the marriage lasted 14 years. Her husband was a civil engineer Merab Mamaladze. Nani remembers that at the first meeting, the prospective spouse is not found in what was then already a successful artist, nothing attractive. And it has seemed to her an incredibly handsome man. Then when Merab was to take care of Nani, the girl pondered long, to get her to marry him. “All the same intuition did not deceive me,” she says now. The marriage was not happy, the family started a quarrel, the main reason for which Nani believes his popularity.

Нани Брегвадзе жалеет, что отпустила супруга“He was a civil engineer who hated his job. And loved medicine. I more than earned it. And I was referring to. He, apparently, although I’ve never felt that, of course, was jealous of everyone. And he spoiled the character and he began to swear, and we didn’t understand what was going on. My daughter said – is it possible in such a situation, environment to live in?” – said Bregvadze.
Нани Брегвадзе жалеет, что отпустила супруга

The initiator of the divorce was the daughter of Nani and Merab. Eka Mamaladze suggested his mother to let go of his father. He left and found happiness in a new family. But Bregvadze never married. The former spouses are unable to maintain good relations. “I was sorry to leave him, and he left. Went to another woman. There was a normal family, in which the new wife and her daughter idolized him. I was happy that there are those who will take care of it. But to continue to be in a good relationship failed. When seen, respected and wanted everything to him is good, but chat could not. This is how I turned out,” says Nani.

Merab Mamaladze died 22 years ago. Nani Bregvadze devotes all his time to the profession, she continues to act, and often gives concerts with her daughter and granddaughter, who went in her mother’s footsteps and also became singers.