Named the most highly paid musicians of the year

Названы самые высокооплачиваемые музыканты года

Billboard magazine determined the list of the highest paid musicians of 2015. Belatedly, but still…

The ranking contained the names of 40 artists. The leader of the list was Taylor swift. The newspaper informs that the ex-country-singer for 2015 was able to earn $ 73.5 million.

Behind swift is country music singer Kenny chesney, who earned $ 39.8 million. Third place went to British group The Rolling Stones with an income of 39.6 million.

To compete for the first place, but still to give his best, also tried Billy Joel (31.7 million), One Direction (24.2 million), U2 (21.8 million) and Adele (20.5 million).

As stated in the Billboard article, the main source of income for musicians is gastroliroval and concert performances.

So, it turned out that the earnings from concerts made up the lion’s share of the profits from last year’s Taylor – 61,7 million dollars. Same albums swift sold for 7.2 million. Of course, money in the Treasury of the singer came from royalties, and penny came through the sale of music online.

A similar ratio is observed in other artists. The exception was Adele, not to give concerts in 2015 and earned more than $ 16 million just on the sale of his album.

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