Названный сын Андрея Губина: «Мне ничего от него не нужно» Maxim commented on the broadcast with the participation of the singer. In “the Stars aligned” 21-year-old boy met with Andrei Gubin. After the broadcast shows on television, some considered that he wants the PR, since the program included a phrase about a duet with a famous artist. In a separate video, the guy clarified the situation.
Названный сын Андрея Губина: «Мне ничего от него не нужно»

After the broadcast of “the Stars aligned” at Maxim Kvasnyuk, who called himself the son of Andrei Gubin, barrage of criticism. Many believe that a young man, who also tried his hand at musical career, wanted to PR at the expense of the well-known artist. Andrey Gubin rejected the illegitimate son, and refused a DNA test

The representative of Maxim Julia believes that they had encountered fraud in the transfer. The girl made a video that explained various aspects. According to her, an interview recorded by programme staff with Maxim, it was linked incorrectly. According to records, the guy always dreamed to sing with Andrew as a Duo. The young musician says that things are different.

“I need nothing, nor the songs together, nor his authorship. There simply pulled a piece and put what I want. Searched through everything on the head,” explained Maxim.
Названный сын Андрея Губина: «Мне ничего от него не нужно»

Julia claims that before going on the show, they made sure that the editors took a DNA test from Andrey Gubin. It was the only condition for their participation in the show. However, a program representative said that until the ether has no right to say anything about the results.

“All interviews that were filmed, I have on the phone. They say that max doesn’t want anything from Andrew,” said Julia.

According to the girl, Maxim passed the required tests and passed a DNA test in advance. However, in the air chap didn’t mention anything.

Названный сын Андрея Губина: «Мне ничего от него не нужно»

In “the Stars aligned” Andrey Gubin showed fragments shot in the Studio where rehearsing Maxim, as well as an excerpt from the concert. “Why sing old songs?” – so reacted to the star of the ‘ 90s, when he was shown the statement of the young man with one of his hits.

Recall that in the air Gubin refused to do a DNA test, citing their confidence. According to the artist, he was always clean during intimacy with women, so it may not be illegitimate children.

“If you want, we will be in court to figurita. But if you want to, kiss, let’s go. And tomorrow will come to me 20. And then say: “Let’s booze up” and go to do a DNA test,” said the singer.