“Naked” video Anastasia Volochkova angered the public

«Голое» видео Анастасии Волочковой возмутило общественность The star shared with followers roller, which is dipped into a barrel of cold water. She decided to tell Network users like to spend their free time in the day. However, followers angered Frank appearance of a celebrity and they began to criticize it.

      Anastasia Volochkova often causes controversy on his page in the social network. In the microblog of the former prima ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre has a video where she appeared almost without underwear, covering his exposed body with a blanket. The star said that he decided to take a dip in the icy font. It’s a great way to rejuvenate and maintain good health. Volochkova did not think that this movie will provoke such a heated debate, but members underestimated her efforts.

      Anastasia Volochkova harshly condemned for the new “naked” photo

      Netizens once again criticized the appearance of a celebrity. In their opinion, Anastasia was not supposed to publish in the social network this video, because it is too revealing. Itself Volochkova commented that loves to plunge into the cold water and did not see anything wrong in this. It is obvious that this process does not imply the presence of clothing. The artist wanted to show how it is tempered, and tell about their experiences.

      “Good, Sunny and frosty morning. I usually start it with the ice font! In the ice. Recommend if soak. This is a real health, strength and vitality! Fresh. And that’s without a bath!”, – wrote in Instagram celebrity.

      Some subscribers praised Anastasia, noting that not every person is ready to plunge into the cold water. For them it was the impetus to do the same, because, according to commentators, the ice bath helps to maintain the body in shape and strengthen the immune system. It seems a strange condemnation of the appearance of women, as different and could not be. However, many followers are skeptical, continuing to argue that, exposing part of my body, She once again attracts attention.

      Netizens began to argue whether there is a swimsuit on Volochkova, or he is not available. The number of followers Anastasia called the whole process “strange spectacle” and described the hardening as another excuse to get naked. Commentators believe that the mother of 11-year-old girl trying to show your forms in any way possible, and zakalivanie is just a demonstration of their savory forms.

      “Yes, naked ballerina! Nearly starved seen. Would be ashamed”, “no Words, how to be naked in front of the whole country and put it on social media?”, “Well, what are you doing, but why no panties to dive? What is all this outrageous?” – posted by the subscriber on the page Volochkova.

      Some followers sided Volochkova, noting that she looks beautiful and she doesn’t need to pay attention to detractors. Negative comments did not affect the dancer. Anastasia is confident in herself and the beauty of their bodies.